Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé


Karsten Stelk Photo Archive

Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird recently introduced me to Karsten Stelk from Germany who has amassed an amazing archive of racing Sprite photos from the past. He has very generously sent me over 125 of them most of which are shown below. Karsten is quite a BMC enthusiast having owned a Morris Minor Traveller, a 1980 998 Mini, - then a 1966 Austin Mini Countryman before moving on to a Volvo P220, all of these his everyday cars. Between 1986 and 1990 he restored an Austin Healey 100, which he now uses regularly on the road.


KS 108
KS 110

KS 111

KS 24
The new Sprite is announced, PBL 75 being the car BMC used for much of their publicity material, and (right) John Anstice-Brown's Frogeye in which he achieved the Sprite's first race win, the Leinster Trophy, at Dunboyne, Ireland in 1958.


KS 19
KS 20
KS 17
KS 18
Speedwell Monza bonnets
Healey presentation
Venner-Pack's Frogeye VP 7
John Sprinzel and John Patten in 2214 UE on the Liege.
KS 87
KS 104
KS 105
KS 106
Tommy Gold chasing Lotus 6
7080 AC on the Targa in 1959 (Wisdom/Cahier) finished 18th, and 3rd in class.
KS 27
KS 35
KS 37
KS 38
The Sprite record breaker, Tommy Wisdom in centre
The Sprite Record Breaker
KS 92
KS 89
KS 91
KS 90
Engine of the record breaker
Moss with MG Ex 181
Moss in the driving seat
EX 179 Record breaker on Show


KS 23
KS 29
KS 25
KS 30
The Falcon Sprite passing under the Dunlop Bridge at Le Mans 1960
This Sprite has Healey magnesium wheels and big Healey anti-roll bar
Donald Healey with Sebring Sprite at the London Motor Show probably 1960
Another Sprite witrh W & P Sebring bonnet


KS 16
KS 59
KS 109
1411 WD - the 1961 Le Mans Sprite here with added side windows
In the pits at Le Mans (Colgate/Hawkins)
PMO 200 on the RAC Rally in the hands of John Sprinzel


KS 88
(Left) Stirling Moss and Steve McQueen, who both drove Works Mark 2 Sebring Sprites at Sebring in the Spring of 1962
KS 77
KS 78
(Right)The Ecurie Ecosse Sprite 1413 WD before the Le Mans race (& on the startline) - it sadly crashed
KS 45
KS 82


KS 28
KS 42
KS 56
KS 70
58 FAC - 1963 Le Mans - Whitmore/Olthoff (crashed)
Scrutineering at Le Mans
Chasing a Ferrari!


Ks 58
KS 76
KS 57
KS 86
Baker and Bradley drove 770 KNX at Le Mans (to 24th place overall)
KS 6
KS 7
KS 8
KS 9
Hopkirk and Wisdom on the 1964 Targa Florio
Tommy Wisdom
'Jenks' & Wisdom
KS 12
KS 10
KS 11
KS 31
Targa start line
In this shot it acquired a number plate
'Jenks' chats to Paddy, Tommy Wisdom in hat, and Geoff Healey leaning on the rear.
Arthur Appleby in the former Ecurie Ecosse Le Mans car


KS 68
KS 69
KS 96
KS 97
The first of the new wind-tunnel cars, as built for 1965.
KS 107
KS 39
KS 40
KS 41
On the Cooper transporter
'65 Sebring in Flying 'A' magazine (I'm afraid it's in German)
KS 71
19th June 1965 - the day before the race, by which time this car was re-painted dark green
KS 79
KS 44
KS 52
Lining up for the start
Hawkins or Rhodes at speed
KS 53
KS 54
KS 66
KS 98
ENX 416C as found by Denis Welch in Scotland in 1988
1411 WD at snetterton, 1965
KS 13
KS 1
Pictured right is one of the '65 LM cars at the Nurburgring 500, 3 months later, now back in lime green (Baker and Greene), & Richard Groves' ex-works Targa car with extended roof (Moore/Harris)
KS 32
EAC 90C - the 1965 Targa car
The Aaltonen/Baker Sprite
at the start of the
1965 Targa Florio.
Nurburgring 500 - 1965


KS 22
KS 15
KS 34
KS 14
Peter Smith - Harewood Hill Climb, 1966
The late Gabriel Konig in her Sebring Sprite, E 700
The Le Mans Sprites HNX 455D & HNX 456D, lined up before the 1966 Le Mans race
KS 83
KS 84
KS 51
KS 85
The whole team
HNX 456D engine bay
On the ramp
KS 46
KS 49
KS 99
KS 100
The start
Red colour for '66
EAC 90C Targa Florio, 1966
KS 47
KS 81
KS 60
One of Richard Groves' ex-works '65 Le Mans Sprites
Dave Cordery in 1411 WD at Brands Hatch
and in the rain, at Crystal Palace


KS 33
KS 74
KS 75
KS 73
Before Le Mans 1967 (HNX 456D)
KS 72
KS 55
KS 50
KS 61
A head-on view
A busy pit stop
After Clive Baker bent in the Esses
Repaired in time for the show
KS 80
KS 102
KS 103
KS 101
An Ex '65 works car (Richard Groves) at the Nurburgring
LWD 959E on the Targa Florio, 1967
Wheeler/Davidson on the Targa Florio, 1967


KS 3
KS 2
KS 48
Ks 62
HAN9-R-237 - testing
237 alongside the Healey SR
Le Mans
KS 63
KS 64
KS 65
The fuel-injected engine
Another paddock shot


KS 5
Caption left reads: "Sebring, Florida - March 20th. DISTAFF RACING TEAM: This trio of girls await... practice for the Florida International 12 Hour endurance race..on Mar 22, etc, etc".
L to R: Jane Guthrie, Donna Mae Mims & Liane Engeman (Netherlands)

1970 & LATER

KS 67
KS 4
Chassis 238 at Sebring, Florida
Janet Guthrie, Sebring 1970
KS 94
KS 95
KS 21
KS 26
RTL 304 at Zolder in 1980
.... and at Zandvoort in 1981
A Monza-bonneted Sprite racing at the Nurburgring

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