Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé


Lenham GTO Gallery

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Dave Matthews tells me that Lenhams withdrew the GTO from sale after barely a dozen kits due to difficulties preventing water entering the boot area. A mould was re-created at Dave's request in the early 90's with modifications including round wheel arches. The mould is today with CCK Historic.

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Lenham GTO

AN AUSSIE GTO with round wheel arches.
[From Colin Dodds, Dec 2014] - This car was "built about three years ago using a 1971 MG Midget as a donor car and genuine Lenham rear body panel and boot lid imported to Australia in late 1960's by Ray English. Ray sold the panels to Peter Meyer, who established Sprite Parts at Peakhurst, one of Sydney's Southern suburbs.  They were never used and became part of the Sprite Parts stock when Peter retired and sold the business.  The panels were still with the remaining stock that I (Colin Dodds) purchased around 1990. When we came to fit the panels to the Midget shell, we discovered they were a poor fit around the rear inner mudguards.  Since we had to repair them anyway after 35 years in storage, we took the opportunity to give the car round wheel arches.  We made fibreglass RWA moulds from two genuine steel RWA outer mudguards and modified the square arch inner guards to suit. The Lenham has covered only about 2000 miles since being fully rebuilt, and is currently for sale". [Since making this entry the car has been acquired by David Laing. It now has 14" x 4 1/2" chrome wire wheels.] N.B The car is fitted with a Williams & Pritchard Sebring Type 2 bonnet commonly used on Lenhams in Australia - the true Lenham bonnet never reached those shores.


Shaun Rainford's newly built Lenham GTO, ROU 4G ~ 2011

Lenham GTO
Lenham GTO
Lenham GTO
Photos courtesy of John Baggott
Spotted at the Silverstone Classic 2013

PEA 254F ~ acquired by David Scothorn in Oct 2011, re-sold Oct 2021

Scothorn GTO 1
Scothorn GTO 2
Scothorn GTO 3
Scothorn GTO 4

David bought this rare beast to go with his Lenham Le Mans. Apparently it was dry-stored for some 25 years, and is fitted with an MGA 1622cc engine and B-series gearbox, which necessitated reconstruction of the transmission tunnel. It is also fitted with an A.J.Thorpe bonnet (of which we have now seen 4 or 5), and has genuine Minilite wheels. It is believed to be one of the original 16 GTOs built in 1966. THIS CAR HAS NOW BEEN SOLD

Scothern GTO-5
Scothern GTO-12
Scothern GTO-18
Scothern GTO-22
Escort rear lights don't
really suit it
Original Minilite wheels
A.J.Thorpe bonnet with Mangoletsi badge!

OYM 760A ~ Walter Heale's new acquisition March 2016

Walter Heale is the new owner of OYM 760A - first registered on the 17/07/61, according to the V5 - an Austin Healey Sprite with a Lenham (GTO) tail and Frogeye front. Walter is hoping the readership of this website might be able to provide some information on it. It was reputedly raced at some point in its history and he would love to find out more before mechanical restoration commences. He was told there had been many old track passes on the roll bar but sadly these were removed when the previous owner started working on the car. There is a Monterey Classics badge from the 80's on the dash so perhaps it was in the US at some point!? He says: " I attach some pictures that may help or at least provide you and your readership some amusement!". ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING OF ITS BACKGROUND ? PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA FEEDBACK The registration number is, oddly, from 1963 and the bodyshell would appear to be later than that, having wind-up style doors! Only a very few of the GTO bodies were produced, so that is quite rare.