Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé


News 2012

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Newsletter ~ December 2012


2988 PX
Howard Cowley tells me: " Many years ago, 1961 to 1964, I owned what I believed at the time to be a Sebring Sprite: Reg. No. was 2988 PX, green, mark 1 Sprite with a glass fibre bonnet and hard top. I raced it in 1962 with little succes. I sold it around 1964 to a friend in Bognor Regis. Does anyone know if this car is still in existance or have any history concerning this particular car?"

Paul Johnson (see below) has received a number of enquiries for his Sebring Rep which have now resulted in a sale being arranged.
Eckhardt 39
Sven's badly bent shell - see News for Nov 2012 below
"Back to Square One" for Sven Eckhardt who has now dismantled his wrecked Sebring. He has ordered a new bodyshell from Brian Wheeler but still hopes to repair the original.
Blayden 54
Another picture of Bob Blayden's Sebring which is now on the road in Australia
Paul Johnson Rep
Sprite Climax
DHMC accessories
DHMC accessories
Paul Johnson's Sebring Rep is for sale, price £12,500 ovno. Based on a 1959 Frogeye it has bodywork by CCK (not Archers). 1293 motor is mated to a Datsun 5-speed. Located in N.E.England. Now SOLD

Paul Webb has completed his Brabham Sprite Climax with a session on the rolling road to do the last tweaks on the carbs and timing, but as the weather has been rubbish since then he's not had the chance to enjoy her. However, he plans to run her over to the New Years Day meet at Barrington near Cambridge if the weather is not too bad.

He has also kindly sent me a couple of scans from a Donald Healey Motor Co brochure that he came across. Thanks Paul. See also under "Your Comments".

Tony exhaust
Tony exhaust
Tony exhaust
Tony engine plate
Tony Giordano sent me these photos of an exhaust system he purchased and "had jet hotted, along with a race engine a year ago from an old Sprite National Champion in Michigan; while the engine is of very high output, the exhaust is Huffaker design with a split in the center for the Siamese porting". Tony also sent the engine plate photo, right:
This engine plate is on a 948cc engine with wire ties on the crank and is supposed to be an old race motor. Any comments from readers?
2080 PO - 40
2080 PO - 46
Giordano wheels
Thanks to all those who kindly sent in their ideas as to the identity of Tony Wilson-Spratt's car NGP 50 which turned out to be a Lancia Aprilia with special bodywork and a Nardy 1486cc motor
Tony Giordano's wheels are for sale
Jonas rally parts
Armstrong Shocks
J Peck bonnet
J Peck bonnet
Jonas Lindquist is seeking offers for his
boxed and unused (NOS).
Visit his Website
Another pair of
for 900 US dollars
(Thanks Jonathan W-B)
Jonathan Peck has completed the restoration of his bonnet once fitted to 248 DXN (now PMO 200) and, having made a mould, is now offering copies (with light inserts) for sale.
I seem to recall this style of bonnet being offered with the description "E-type Style" years ago. Anyone know its origins?
Tony Wilson-Spratt set us the task of identifying this car. It turns out it is a 1950 Lancia Aprilia with a 1486cc Nardi engine. (Thanks to Brian Arculus & David Markham)

NGP 50
David Marriot thought it might be "a 1947 ish Cisitalia (Pininfarina)??" and Philip Harris-Bland suggested "a late fifties Simca 8 Coupe Sport"

Steering Wheel
Original steering wheel for sale on ebay (1 day to go)
XXC 57
505 BZ - 22
Earls Court 1959
Ulster-based XXC 818 lifts a wheel at the September Kirkistown sprint in the hands of owner, Trevor McIlroy, and right at the Cultra hill climb earlier this year. The little car has now been rested up after a successful first season's competition.
(Speedwell) Sprite wins Frazer Nash Autotest! - in the hands of David Wylie (505 BZ)
See it on youtube.
Scroll down to 6th/7th shots
Shorrock supercharged motor on display at Earls Court in 1959 - how about that exhaust system! (Courtesy of Autosport magazine)
Ken Grasing is looking for a Shorrock supercharger for his Sebring. Can anyone help find him one? Email He also has a pair of adjustable rear shocks for an MGB which he would swap for a similar pair for a Sprite.



Tulip Rally 1995
Maarten Krikken has come up with this page from a Club magazine (1995) when I took part in the Tulpen Rallye (Tulip Rally) in JJO with Andy Gibson. Unfortunately we were rammed from behind by a Jeep when lying 9th. The car was re-built at Archers.
RTL 304 Montlhery

Peter Ecury is sending me some interesting photos.
On the left can be seen RTL 304 leading a group of cars at Montlhery in about 1984 and, right, is one of the 'works' Sprite Coupes at a 'course de côte' (hill climb) in France in 1962.

Sprite Coupe
Olyslager1 Olyslager2 Olyslager3Olyslager 4Olyslaher 5
Henderson 43
Tony Giordano sent me these 5 pages from an old copy of P.Olyslager's Sprite Mk1 & 2 Manual (click on each to enlarge)
Graeme Henderson's very high spec fastback is for sale
505Bz Stratford
Susan Wylie took this suitably festive shot of brother David driving 505 BZ through Stratford-on-Avon en route to a Frazer Nash CC Autotest.
Blayden 50
Aussie-based Bob Blayden has just taken his newly completed Sebring out for its first drive. Lots of "What is it mate?" from locals!
This photo (left) of a smart Sebring replica was sent in by Neil Anderson (USA) who tells me it belongs to Mike Pragnell (name from David Nutland)
Maarten Krikken has spotted a Sprite for sale with a very unusual bonnet - looks similar to the Dama Plastics one from the USA reported in Dec 2011
7357 AC
photo courtesy of
'Spritely Years'
Ecury Sprite 1
Ecury Sprite 2
Ecury Sprite 3
Peter Ecury (Holland) used to own the former Brian Culcheth Sprite 7357AC (shown left) and thinks he may know where it is today. He briefly owned XOH 276, and raced RTL 304 at Montlhery and Le Mans. He still has the unusual-looking English-bodied Sprite above, which has a huge alloy petrol tank for long distance racing, and a wrap-around windscreen. It had an 1100cc XSP engine and now needs total restoration. Peter also owns a special-bodied MG Midget with body by Mazzotti of Turin (photos to come shortly).
585 MY - 3
A new web page detailing the history of
Speedwell GT - 585 MY
now owned by Guy Harman
New owner of the ex-Stephen Bowen Sebring Rep is John Beunk who has been enjoying his first drive in the car.
Bowen 12


Newsletter ~ November 2012


Healey Museum 1
Healey Museum 2
healey Museum 3
Healey Museum 4
The accompanying photos were taken at the recent grand opening of Hans van de Kerkhof's new Healey Museum, at which Brian and Peter Healey, Roy Jackson-Moore,  Clive Baker and John Chatham were present, among many other Healey celebreties. Albert Voogd, from the museum, tells me "I must admit that Big Healey forces are strong at the museum, but Bruno Verstraete's Sebring and a standard Frogeye are there. More importantly, the museum archive contains quite a lot of Sprite material, and I'd be happy to show all of this to you". Albert tells me he "has the great task of sorting out all the documentation that arrives at the museum, like the Geoffrey Healey archive acquired from the States. This is one of the nicest jobs I've ever done!" The Museum's website can be found at
Healey Museum 5
Healey Museum 6
Healey Museum 9
Healey Museum 8
Clive Baker sits alongside Brian Wheeler in his Healey SR replica and tries out the Verstraete Sprite of Sebring 1965
Bic Healey with Hans van de Kerkhof at the opening.
Archive Manager, Albert Voogd with Clive Baker
eckhardt 33

eckhardt 35
I received this message today from Sven Eckhardt in Germany:
" Sad news - I crashed the Sebring today, spun her off a road, through a forest and ended up in a ditch by the roadside having mowed down a couple of trees as well as two roadsigns. Looking at the car it is really surprising the only injury I got was a sprained right thumb (skier´s thumb). A passing driver gave me a lift to the hospital. My baby is a pretty sad sight, and I was in real trouble with the good lady as well!" What a shame - after all that hard work.
eckhardt 34

eckhardt 36

The Footman James Classic Car Show at the NEC Birmingham Nov 16/18

NEC  4
Cynthia admires Ian's trophy
Andrew Jonathan, Alan and Cynthia at the presentation
Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird's un-restored Mark 2 Sebring, 9253 WD, which Pedro Rodriguez drove at Sebring in 1962

Two years ago Ian Ashfield proudly displayed his newly-completed blue Sebring Sprite Fastback on the Midget and Sprite Club stand at the NEC. He had built the car up with the help of Andrew Forster and the team at Archers Garage. Sadly, it was soon after that event that Ian learned he had only a few months to live, whereupon he made the decision to get his car on the road and to use it as much as he possible. This he did, but he also decided that he wanted to present a trophy to his fellow Sebring Sprite owners "to promote the marque and also so others can share in Brian's dream and his legacy to us". The late Brian Archer initiated and carried through his plan to re-create John Sprinzel’s Sebring Sprite Coupe of 30 years earlier. Ian has provided a magnificent shield, the Sebring Sprite Memorial Cup, to be awarded annually to the owner of a Sebring Sprite appearing at the NEC. Ian did not leave any clear guidelines as to how we were to decide exactly which car should be honoured with his award, especially if there was more than one Sebring Sprite at the Show. This year there were in fact 4 Sebring Sprites, the ex-works Mark 2 Sprite recently acquired in very original condition by Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird, the Archer replica Sebring Coupe owned by Alan Anstead, Tony Davis's alloy- bodied race car and Peter Seaman's standard-bodied version. After much deliberation a conclusion was reached that Ian would have wanted the trophy to go to a Sprinzel-designed car and one from Brian Archer’s stable. It also seemed appropriate that the trophy should go to a car in regular, if not daily, use and which has been driven to a number of foreign countries. Ian Ashfield’s partner Cynthia, together with Andrew Forster from Archers, was at the show to present the award to Alan Anstead for the coming year, and I had the task of saying a few words. (More photos from the Show, below).

Peter Seaman displayed his standard-bodied Sebring on the Austin-Healey Club stand
Tony Davis's alloy race car on the HSCC stand
Magnificent SLR Morgan +4 by Sprinzel and Lawrence
Armstrong shock absorber
A similar shock absorber to those which Andrew is offering for sale
Andrew at Archers
has a contact with 3 pairs of new Armstrong adjustable rear shock absorbers and a further 4 pairs being reconditioned. He will have to supply Sprite arms for them. Price is £650 a pair plus VAT
NEC 11
A rather lovely one-off fastback of his own design on Graham Goodall's Healey 3000
Richard Perry's newly built racing Lenham GT (MGCC)
Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird
has a new/unused, perfect condition copy of
"SPRITELY YEARS" 2nd edition signed by both John Sprinzel and Tom Coulthard.
£80.00, plus postage - anywhere in the world.
Spritely Years
Email Jonathan
if you are interested
A pair of Riley 1.5 Girling rear brake backplates to enable him to convert his car to full Sebring specification.
Contact James via his email
Pete Farmer is considering making a short run of (tall sidescreen) Frogeye HARDTOPS to original Donald Healey design if there is sufficient interest.
Contact him
P James Rep
The late Peter James'
Sebring Fastback Rep
needing some minor work to complete
£15,750 o.n.o.
See 'For Sale' page
for full specification and contact details
Tony's hood
The Sprite hood kept the wood dry while the power was off. He's lucky it didn't blow into the next State!
Happily Tony Giordano has survived Hurricane Sandy at his home in New York. The hood from his ex-works Sprite 510 DWD came in useful to protect his firewood.


Newsletter ~ October 2012

Alan Anstead's Sebring Rep will also be on the stand at the NEC (see below left)

Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird's ex-Works Mark II Sprite will be on the Midget & Sprite Club stand, at the Footman James Classic Motor Show - N.E.C. Birmingham on 16/17/18 Nov.
Falcon 30
Craig Chapman of C.C.Coachworks is offering these aluminium inner wheel arches at £250 a pair. Email him or phone 01456 415382
Inner wings
Hiroshi Takemori has sent in this photo of John and Caryl Sprinzel during their recent holiday in Japan
JS & Caryl
I was sorry to learn from Kim Dear that we have lost yet another Sebring owner. Peter James was in the final stages of assembling his Fastback Sebring equipped with 7 port head and twin 40s. Our sincere condolences to his family. I understand his car will now be going up for sale.
Sven Eckhardt 30
Judson 9
Alistair Ross 1
Alistair Ross 2
WGJ 931
Daniel Paul has kindly sent in 3 YouTube links to the 1958 Coupe des Alps. In Part 1, PMO 200 appears after 4:49
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
Many thanks, Dan.
Alistair Ross's rare Speedwell GT is being re-painted


I was very sorry to receive today the sad news that Mike Sutton, who built himself a Sebring Coupe Rep, has died.
He appointed the RSPB as his executors and they will, in time, be offering his car for sale.
If anyone should wish me to pass on their interest in the car please let me know via Feedback

MIKE YOULES latest creation is now on Flickr
blayden 49
Giordano Triple
PMO bonnet
PMO bonnet
Tony Girodano's 3 cars on display at Bridgehampton.
WSM50 - 1

WSM 50

The Celebration of 50 years of WSM cars
took place at Roothams Farm, Colmworth in Bedfordshire on Saturday last, 29th September.
On a bright sunny morning a good crowd of WSM enthusiasts past and present gathered at Paul and Sharon Woolmer's premises to celebrate 50 years since Douglas Wilson-Spratt completed his first WSM Sprite.

Jim McManus (the 'M' in WSM) and Peter Jackson, both members of the original WSM team, cut the cake

A line-up of WSM Sprites, WSM MGB + the WSM 3000 (awaiting restoration)

Photo to come
(Mike Wood tells me that)
Kim Dear is offering for sale Peter Hall's Hill-Climb Sebring Sprite 204 XUM
at £11,750
1411 WD
Tony Giordano sent in this photo of 1411 WD at Le Mans in which John Colgate is visible in the dark sweater.


Newsletter ~ September 2012

Austrian, Christoph Klamert is looking for a pair of Healey inlet manifolds for his restoration project. Can you help?
blayden 47
Falcon Sprinzel
Tony Giordano recently sent in this photo of the Sprinzel/ Lumkin Falcon Sprite at Sebring in 1960. It confirms the car was fitted with a large Perspex screen as JS recently acknowledged.
The Falcon in the pits
Another shot (Pete Taylor)
Lubbert Mussche from the Netherlands is building a Sebring and is after some SPEEDWELL DOOR HANDLES
If anyone can supply some or point him in the right direction please email him here.
Donald Healey MC
Special Tuning Equipment
brochure for sale on Ebay.
Expires Sept 23
Currently bid $ 27 (US)
Original Sprinzel Sebring Sprite brochure
for sale on Ebay
Expires Sept 23
Current Bid $48 (US)
A Chaffey 19
A Chaffey 18
Andy Chaffey now has his engine in, and the wheels on.
More letters in "Your Comments"
Corgi Streamliner on Ebay - act fast, deadline today!
Eckhardt 27
Crossflow heads

Crossflow head
Roger Williams is considering making another batch of alloy crossflow heads if sufficient demand. They have 25cc combustion chambers with room to mill to desired compression and valve size as on the prototype engines. Price is about $2500 each.
peter White 6
Peter White's NZ Sebring Fastback is for sale
- asking $30,000
S Casson Rep
Stephen Casson is putting the finishing touches to his new Sebring Coupe before heading for the Goodwood Revival
S Casson Rep
791 NAR-8
Paul Rogers, who once owned 791 NAR has pointed out to me that its original reg no. was JAX 12,
(now corrected)
Pete Fletcher is well on with his Fastback Sebring, now ready to be painted in True Blue Metallic. He is in need of a wire wheel axle. Anyone got a spare? Contact Pete
Pete Fletcher Replica
791 NAR (JAX 12) in the 70's
More photos on Flickr
Speedwell Sprite 505 BZ: Mike and David Wylie had a great time at the Pentillie Hill Climb, except that, Mike says, the classes were a ‘bit curious’.  David was second in his class to a 893 cc Fisher Fury, and there is a video of his last run on YouTube


Newsletter ~ August 2012

2980 PO Brighton
C.J.Starley at Brighton Speed Trials, 1967 driving 2080 PO now owned by Pierre Lequeux - photo courtesy of
LAT Photographic
Ian Burford " got the rear wheels (of the Lumbertubs) on the Astro-turf exiting Campus corner (at Spa) and then shot across the circuit into the Armco!"
Lumbertubs Spa
Eriksen 2
Eriksen 4
Eriksen 5
Oslo-based Kai Eriksen decided to go historic racing and needed to get HTP (Historic Technical Papers) for his Sebring so he visited Craig Chapman in Scotland and ordered new aluminium bodywork. He "had to change a lot to please the FIA supervisor: 948cc engine, overbored to 997, 1½" SU H4s, Healey inlet manifolds, correct smoothcase gearbox, correct front suspension with Healey 100 anti-roll bar, correct brakes with ATE substitute calipers, home-made caliper brackets, Spitfire discs down-sized to 8", and the aluminium rear shroud and coupé top". He is now working hard to prepare the car for the last historic race in Norway this season, on September 14 to 16. See earlier photos of the car in : replica gallery
Armstrong Shockers
Armstrong Adjustable Shockers
- 4 days left on Ebay
Sleepless Knights
Anyone got a copy of Sleepless Knights for Kimberley Rickard
505 BZ - 23
505 BZ - 24
505 BZ - 25

David Morys took these photos of David Wylie in his Speedwell GT at Shelsley Walsh last weekend. It was a celebration of the 50 years of the Lotus Elan but as David (Morys) says "the Sprite looked equally good!"

Pete Farmer sidescreens
Pete Farmer Side screen
Pete Farmer has just 2 sets remaining of his batch of brand new side screens for the DHMC hardtop. Price per pair with door mounts is £500 plus VAT, the storage bag £45 plus VAT. Email Pete.
Pete farmer Sidescreen bag
Le difference: BMC top, and DHMC below
Approx 33cms (13") tall
Storage bag
Sothern Counties
Alan Anstead has been keen to know what the badge was on Barry Shawzin's rally Sprite WYT 381 and has at last been able to identify it (left)
Blayden 44
Re: Roger Friend, that 1960 Sebring windshield, his new book "Lucky John", and the Olympics
Southern Counties Sprite Club which became part of AHC
DAC on You Tube
Bowen rep
John Beunk of Meppel in Holland has acquired Stephen Bowen's Sebring Replica and plans to drive it to special events and "have fun with it". He looks forward to meeting other Sebring enthusiasts.
Spec Sheet
Bowen replica sold
"Thin Disc" Spec Sheet
RAM 35 - 6
Mike Wylie kindly sent me this period photo showing Paddy Gaston in RAM 35 competing with some much heavier metal. See also "Your Comments"
In the pipeline: I am preparing a web page about LNX 629E, the standard-bodied Sprite Mark 4 which raced at sebring and in the Targa in the late 1960's.
Richard Rooks was quick to come back to me concerning the gold Speedwell GT shown below, registered 6943 MH. "The car was, at that time, owned by David Hurn, a professional photographer, and the BBC film, directed by Ken Russell was entitled: 'Watch the Birdie'. It was about David's reasons for taking up photography and, for some reason, the car's registration no. 6943 MM was changed for the film to 6943 MH. I have a B + W copy of the 30 minute movie". So now we know!
XSP engines
Pete Taylor is urgently seeking a 1275 Cooper 'S' block (i.e. with side tappet covers) for his alloy streamliner replica. Use Feedback if you can help.
Meanwhile Jack Wheeler, of Targa Florio fame, has had some aluminium sumps cast and also ordered a couple of special cranks from Paul Ivey who is machining them from original forgings.
Hambleton Sprite 1
Hambleton sprite 2
Anyone heard of a Hambleton Sprite? Acquired by Dave Parker, - Gary Lazarus has identified the bonnet as a Star Sprite - but what of the rear end? Feedback please.
6943 MH - 3
6943 MH - 6
6943 MH - 8
6943 MH - 10
David Scothern spotted this Speedwell GT on BBC 2 on Saturday (11th) in a two hour documentary about London through the 20th century. I think this car, 6943 MH, is the one now painted red and owned by Richard Rooks in the USA. (See March 2012 in Past News) Anyone know: did this clip come from a film in the 60's?
Andy Chaffey rep
Andy's 'attention to detail'.
His replica is progressing well with dash & instruments in, and Goodridge pipework complete. Engine comes next.
Steve Coleman has directed me to a YouTube link showing Clive Baker racing his car, TFR7, at Eagles Canyon raceway in Texas
Coleman TFR7
510 DWD
Tony Giordano of New York has acquired this rare car from the family of the late Rudolf Davila who took it home after serving as a mechanic in the UK with the USAF
510 DWD
IAN ASHFIELD'S FUNERAL took place at Luton on Tuesday, 7th. Andrew Forster brought along Ian's Fastback Replica which his friend Mark will use as he wishes. Always one with a sense of humour Ian had had signs made for the van in which his coffin was delivered, referring to this, his "Last Burn-Up" .
Sprinzel's Garage
John has kindly given me the names of some of those here: "Hank Rossiter, Paul Hawkins, (can't remember), Eric Davies, Reg Venner, (can't remember), Phil Wood, John Ohlsen behind (he had a lot to do with the Daytona Cobras after he left me). Doreen Grace and Leonora Millington.
blayden 42
Ashfield Trophy
Sprinzel's Garage in Lancaster Mews, West London
(photo kindly supplied by Angelo Van der Rijt)
More pics from Bob Blayden in News South Wales
The Sebring Sprite Memorial Cup, donated by the late Ian Ashfield, to be presented annually to a Sebring owner whose car is shown at the Classic Car Show.


Newsletter ~ July 2012

will take place at Luton Crematorium on 7th August at 1 p.m. followed by a finger buffet. In order to gauge numbers, please advise Andrew Forster at Archers Garage if you propose to attend - 0121 520 4766. Ian requested no flowers but if anyone wishes to make a donation please make one to the charity of your choice.
Andrew has asked me to publish the following statement:

"Ian came to me and Brian to build his car and as often happens a customer becomes a close friend. Over the time that he took building the car he went through a hard period in his life. Whilst he was going through this he kept a smile on his face and just kept saying 'such is life'. When he became ill and was diagnosed with cancer he never let the illness beat him - he carried on and set about getting various tasks done to his liking. I have to admit how much he has inspired me both with his lovely car which I have had the pleasure to work on and drive and also with his attitude to life and impending death. I will miss talking to him about his various ideas whether right or wrong and I can only say that he will have a good testimonial in the car that he built and loved".
Meerlo 20
Meerlo 21
Andrew Forster tells me that he can now supply a heated windscreen and sealant for a Sebring Sprite at £355 + vat.
Fastback body with heated front screen will be £1000 + vat.
Alternatively upgrade your kit order to include this item.
Call him on 0121 520 4766 for more information
Michael Meerlo enjoying his Sebring Fastback at the Lelystad MG Sporting Day 2012, in Holland

and LWD 959E Targa Florio Sprite revs up in Japan
Alexander Head
Charlie Clegg
Youles Convertible
Alexander 7 Port Head
(sent in by Christoph klamert)
Enjoy Charlie Clegg's drive in the Silverstone Classic
Mike Youles little beauty for sale on Ebay
Sadly I have to report that our fellow Sebring enthusiast, Ian Ashfield, passed away on Saturday night having lost his brave fight against cancer. He was at home with his fiancee and his well-loved cat. He had managed to achieve a few outings with his Sebring in his final months. Further details will follow.
Peter Mohacsi
from New South Wales, Australia wishes to race in the UK on an exchange basis. He is looking for someone to drive his Midget at a couple of events in Oz, one of which would be their premier event at Phillip Island. In return he would like to drive a Spridget in the UK. He says "This is much cheaper than shipping cars and it is a great holiday as well. If anyone is interested please contact him by email.
Lew McAllan Fastback
Lew McAllan is building a Sebring Fastback, near Chicago, Illinois, in the USA. His donor car is a Mark IV Sprite from which the body panels have been removed and the remainder sand blasted revealing the usual decay in the floors so they are now being replaced.
Link to his photos of the project
Lew McAllan Fastback
The 4 photos below have been kindly contributed by Louis Galanos from the U.S.A.
Coleman Coupe
Coleman Coupe
HNX 456D
L to R: Judy Kondratieff (Ganley), Janet Guthrie, Sharlene Seavey and Rosemary Smith.....
.....the all-women team on their way to a 1st in class at Sebring in 1970.
The car was re-built by Steve Coleman in recent years.
The Sprite HNX 456D of Hopkirk and Hedges and MGB 8 DBL in the pits at Sebring, 1966.
Gregg Cameron and Ralph Kemmerer drove this car to 33rd overall in the 1969 Sebring 12 Hr. race - an excellent result for such a small car, but which car is it?
Downton Manifolds
Paul Bos brought these Downton inlet manifolds to my attention on ebay.
There is information about them on the
Mk1 Performance Conversions website
Small Green wonder
"Small Green Wonder"
Tony Dron's article
on ENX 416C (kindly supplied by Albert Voogd)
Caliper Bracket
The Girling Caliper adaptor bracket.
Thomas Willig in Germany is upgrading his Frogeye to Sebring spec and is looking for a pair of caliper adaptor brackets. Failing that does anyone have a dimensioned drawing so that he can get some made? Feedback
Road-going version of the
'works' streamliner, c/w bumpers and grille.
(courtesy of Auto Histoire)
vmh 140
Model of PMO
eckhardt 21
(courtesy of Auto Histoire)
Tony Wilson-Spratt tells me that September 29th is the provisional date for this event which, it is planned, will feature
10 WSMs, plus the Jaguar XK150S, from Switzerland, which Douglas converted into a shooting brake.
Other cars on show will be the recently re-built Alexander GT of Paul Freeman.
The Sanction 2 WSM will be officially launched with the first road version now nearing completion
and the first of the race cars already echoing the performance of Douglas's originals.
The gathering will take place at Colmworth near Milton Keynes ~ more details will be posted
both here and on the WSM website in due course. Link to WSM 50 update
Brian Mulcare tells me that
his Sebring Coupe, WJJ 998,
has now been sold.
Mystery Car
Pictured on the left is what appears to be a Sprite with Sebring bonnet, fastback rear and Kamm tail. John Baggott asks: "What is this?" Anyone know? Feedback
Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird has suggested that the car shown on the left may be the same one as that in the photos in the June newsletter, submitted by Alastair Ross?


Newsletter ~ June 2012

Lenham GT
Dr. John Curry tells how he engaged Julian Booty to build him a GT version of his racing Sprite
Lenham GT
Charlie Clegg tells me that he and his father Chris will both be competing at the Silverstone Classic in their Sebring Sprites
S221 and 184 FGJ in the Pre-63 GT class. He says "Judging by previous years there should be some serious machinery in the race, such as Aston Martin DB4 GTs & Zagatos, Ferrari 250 SWBs and potentially a GTO or two. If you, or indeed any of the Sebring Sprite team, are going to the event please do come and say hi! All the best, Charlie".
DAC at Het Loo
DAC at Het Loo Concours.
Albert Voogd has sent this recent picture of Bruno Verstraete's 1965 works Sebring car in Holland. The Visser's Speedwell Sprite is behind.
Jonathan's new acquisition
~ the car driven by Pedro Rodriguez at Sebring in 1962 remains very much in its original form only needing a little TLC from him.
See web page
9253 WD
Formula Junior engine
Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird tells me of a Formula Junior 950cc engine for sale on ebay at £1,500
and Neil Anderson drew my attention to this Lenham Le Mans being offered by Motobuild Racing,
also on ebay at £3,495
Motobuild Lenham

The owner of that beautifully finished metallic blue Fastback Sebring which appeared at the NEC in 2010, as well as at Burghley House for Midget 50, Ian Ashfield, has generously offered to supply a trophy in the form of a shield, to be engraved with the names of those who display their Sebring Sprites at the NEC autumn show. Initially it will record my own car JJO (2006), Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird's EAO (2008) and his own (for 2010). He has asked me if I will present it at the next show (if there is a Sebring on display) and would welcome "ideas to include other venues so as to promote the marque and also so others can share in Brian's dream and his legacy to us".
I hope Ian will not mind my reporting that as he is suffering from a terminal illness and is currently in the Willen Hospice at Milton Keynes. I feel sure he would appreciate it if those of us who know him sent him a brief goodwill message via email.

Moss at Monterey
Neil Anderson kindly provided the 1996 article (left) about Stirling Moss's drive in JAX 12 at Laguna Seca, California.
* * * * * *
Anyone read Spanish?
Super photos from
Sebring, in 1961 (right)

The Patience of Jwb - 9253 WD

Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird has acquired probably the only surviving Mark 2 Sprite of the 4 DHMC 'works' team cars which raced at Sebring in 1962/3. He has known of its whereabouts for 15 years and only now been able to make the purchase. I will be creating a web page shortly but take a look via Jonathan's link.

On the trailer for the journey home, naturally in the pouring rain
and, drying out in the sunshine.
What a lucky man!
693LAC Article
693 LAC
WBG hardtop
Alexander manifold
From Neil Anderson - the 1976 article (left) to go with the photo (above) of the 1964 Targa Florio Sprite
Another fastback hardtop, this by WBG (Shells) sent in by David Scothorn - I don't recall seeing one of these.
Another Alexander manifiold
for sale on ebay with 6 days
to go (Expires 20 June)
Alistair Ross found these photos (labelled RHBF) among his collection but cannot recall what they are. Anyone any ideas?
Cultra hill climb
Cultra Hill Climb. First run on 6th May, 1905 when gentlemen of the Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club gathered at the Kennedy family estate, this year's event celebrated 50 years of the MGB and 4 wheel drive transmission. Trevor McIlroy was there in his Sebring Replica, as was Stuart Rolt (son of Tony) with the P99 Ferguson FWD F1 car in which Stirling Moss won the Oulton Park Gold Cup in 1961.

Trevor sends GOOD LUCK to his fellow countrymen Mike and David Wylie on their up-and-coming event.

Le Mans Sprite Article
A Road-Going Streamliner
courtesy of Ian Grainger

XXC 818 in action at the Cultra Hill Climb in Trevor McIlroy's capable hands earlier this month
693 LAC
Car Hood Caption
Car Hood Co hardtop
'Safety Fast' Nov, 1968
Car Hood caption
Both Neil Anderson and Pete Taylor sent in this of 693 LAC
It didn't take Ian Grainger long to find the answer to my question about Jens Scheibel's hardtop. Thanks Ian
Falcon Sprite 1960
Anstead Roof Vent
Scheibel GT
Pete Taylor sent in this great period shot of the Sprinzel/ Lumkin Falcon Sprite at Sebring in 1960. JS is just visible on the far right.
Alan Anstead will soon be off on the MASC Le Mans Classic/Loire Valley Tour. Last time it was mega hot and as it is always very warm in the Sebring Rep he has copied the 'works' Healey 3000 Rally Cars' use of a Mini-van roof vent.
Anyone know the maker of Jens Scheibel's fastback hardtop?

David Wylie is very pleased to have been invited to participate with his father, Mike's Speedwell Sprite (505 BZ) at this event, in Cheshire, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 15th - 17th June, especially so because of the legendary drivers and cars in his class, 'Sports Cars & Sports Racing Cars pre 1965'.   Entries include Alec Poole, very much part of the Sprite legend, driving his own MGB, Barrie (Whizzo) Williams in a competition Elan, and that most famous of all Lotus Elites, the former Les Leston car, DAD10, to be driven by its owner and driver, Robin Longdon.   Add several important Jaguars, from SS 100 to Short-nosed D-type, from the Jaguar Heritage Collection, and David Ham in his Lister Jaguar and David Wylie will have a worthwhile uphill struggle to uphold Sprite honours.
Provisional listings for the timed runs on the sprint course seem to be 2.15pm & 4.30pm on Friday, and 9.50am, 12.20pm & 5.55pm on Saturday and Sunday.  The Cholmondeley Pageant of Power, located in Cheshire, has a huge variety of other attractions, as a real day out for the family, and further details can be found on their website.

New web page for 5435 WD identified below
Stephen Bowen on Nick Ramus
Colin Pearcy is up-grading his very original Frogeye to make it more suitable for motorway use. He has fitted a mildly tuned Peter May 1275 motor and is looking for a discreet electric cooling fan. Any suggestions? Feedback
Morys Prescott car
An almost immediate reply to the question (left) about the car at Prescott comes from Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird who tells me it is the
ex-works car which belongs
to Frank Tiedeman. Many thanks.
..and Ian Grainger tells me the car is Sebring Sprite 5435 WD which was loaned by DHMC to Clive Baker for the 1962 racing season. It was later owned by Nick Ramus. Frank no longer competes with the car due to his advanced years. Many thanks.
David Morys spotted this maroon Sprite with W & P bonnet and 'works' hardtop at Prescott. Recognise it?


Newsletter ~ May 2012

9254 WD
David Morys has a fully refurbished Frogeye Speedometer in its box, for £130 + postage,
an original dip switch bracket and new old stock Lucas dip switch £40 the pair + postage
an original clutch and brake pedal with reasonably good bushes - £45 pair + postage
Steel gearlever surround £10 + postage, and rubber gear lever gaiter £5 + postage
David can be reached on 01386 859400 or by email
Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird's
10 page Sebring Mk 2 website
P Taylor 3
P Taylor 2
P Taylor 1
P Taylor 4
Pete Taylor's replica Streamliner is taking shape at Archers Garage, with the rear wheel arches now re-shaped,
the Panhard rod and seat belt mountings in, and the body re-fitted to the shell.
blayden 28
2080 PO Mont Ventoux
XOH 276
Robert Visser has found new photos of XOH 276 in action
Ivo Visser has come up with several more photos of Pierre
Lequeux' car, 2080 PO in European Hill Climbs which may help him to obtain the FIA papers he wants.
2080 PO at Mont-Ventoux
eckhardt 1

Robert Visser is looking for a Right-Hand Girling Type 10 caliper for the restoration of his 'works' rally car, XOH 276. Somehow it has 2 LH ones! He is also after an original wood-rim steering wheel like that shown right.

XOH Steering wheel
2080 PO 38
2080 PO 37
Gaisberg Hill Climb
2080 PO 36
Austria - 1967
Ivo Visser, archivist & historian at the Healey Museum just came up with these great shots of Pierre Lequeux' Sprite 2080 PO
Albert Voogd of the Healey Museum in the Netherlands kindly sent in these adverts by A.G.Thorpe which confirm
the identity of those 'mystery' bonnets, but look at that rear end - almost exactly like a Lenham GTO!
AGThorpe AdAGThorpe rear

Paul Wiles has decided to reduce the price of his SEBRING KIT & DONOR CAR by £1,000 to £5,250

Alexander Leaflet
Alexander leaflet
Alex Roll Bar
Alex Inlet 1
An Alexander inlet manifold recently restored by Alan Anstead for Ron Edwards
Alexander Leaflet courtesy of Maarten Krikken
Anti Roll Bar (Ron Edwards)
Thorpe Bonnet

Tim Saunders of the Williams & Pritchard Register believes this bonnet is a design by
Messrs A.G.Thorpe.
3 or 4 of these have surfaced recently

Mark's Midget
for the late Mark Foreman's 1974 1275 Midget Mk 3
Tax & MOT to Aug/Sept
Little used for 10 years, located High Wycombe,
Bucks. Contact:
Andy 0774 704 0076
The rather unusual bonnet
by A.G.Thorpe
Price sought £5,500 o.n.o.
sccr gearbox
Alex GT dash
Alex GT dash
Self shell 2
Straight-cut close ratio gearbox on ebay
Malcolm Self 's bodyshell with identity £1,100


Perhaps a little progress has been made in my search for information on the Healey cars raced at Sebring and Le Mans from 1965 to 1968, though many questions are still unresolved. On checking his car again Jeff Brenner discovered its chassis number starts with HAN 8 and not HAN9 so bringing its build-date forward to the early part of 1966. This suggested to us it might have been one of the two cars which raced at Sebring and/or Le Mans that year. However after much searching for photos it was very clear that both HNX 455D and HNX 456D had significant rear roof vents where Brenner's Chassis HAN8-R-202 has not. He checked it closely and found no sign of the roof having been altered since those days. Also 202 has a small box-shaped lower front air intake where the '66 works cars had merely an alliptical air duct, though that could have been changed - those on the '65 cars seem to have been modified since their Le Mans race. So, where does 202 fit into the Healeys' racing? The answer seems to be that it doesn't, as the Company concentrated on three main events: Sebring, Le Mans and the Targa Florio. Chassis 202 today has a standard MGB gearbox with no overdrive where most other streamliners had either overdrive boxes or 5 speed ones. Jeff was told his car was bought by Fred Royston, the East Coast U.S. importer, (after a race) and he converted it for road use. But is it possible he had Geoff build him one specifically for that purpose having briefly owned the 1965 car DAC 952C the previous year? Another question still unanswered is how HNX 456D had chassis number 144 in 1966 yet the car which raced at Le Mans in '68 has no.237. An application to Warwick County Records Office reveals that the car was registered in March 1966 (the same day as its sister car 455D) but the number was surrendered in June 1966 after Le Mans. That seems to mean that the car with chassis 144 did 2 races at Sebring and 2 at Le Mans. So what happened after that? Was the car re-built with fuel-injection 5 speed gearbox for Le Mans in '68? That car still had the registration number HNX 456D (I think) but had triangular side vents and a rear spoiler. If it was a new car what became of the older one? So, as you can see, the research must go on. Any contributions gratefully received!

HNX 455D Sebring
HNX 456D Sebring 66
Brenner Roof
Brenner 6
Seen here at Sebring in 1966 both the Healey Sprites have roof vents over their rear windows unlike Jeff Brenner's
green car shown right and lower down this page
The roof of han8-R-202 showing the lack of
any rear vent
The snout has a protruding
air intake box not seen at Sebring in '66
Blayden 26
Pierre 35
Hide 3
Hide 5
Browning Frog
Peter Browning's Frogeye with boot lid created by Douglas Wilson-Spratt and W & P hardtop in the style of the Sprinzel coupé.
Ashley Bonnet
Hill-climber Murray Wakeham has made a new mould of the Ashley Mark 1 bonnet. Available in various weights
at £350. Contact by email
Spotted by David Markham in 'Safety Fast'
From this month's "Rev Counter"
Armstrong Shocks
Rev Counter
Shorrock S-C
Pierre Lequeux kindly told
me of these items (left) advertised on ebay by Paul Watson, Sebring Rep owner from Leeds..
Make haste if you are looking for any of these.
Griffiths 13
Alex GT 1
3 Pauls: Woolmer, Webb & Freeman have just completed the rebuild of the one and only Alexander GT. It raced at Snetterton last weekend and will be at Brands on June 5/6. Full story in next few days.
LWD repairs
Steve Griffiths' new Peel/Speedwell Rep
Paul Freeman's first outing with the Alexander GT
Fabulous recent pits photo from Joe Armour of the 1967 'Ex-Works' Targa Florio car.
Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird has kindly sent in these mid-90s shots of Jeff Brenner's streamliner (HAN8-R-202)
Brenner 6
Brenner 5
Brenner 4
Brenner 1
Although the car carries No.67 we suspect it was in fact No.66 at Sebring in 1966 - to be confirmed.
4 more beautiful period shots of the streamliners and KNX kindly supplied by Bob Kemp, AHC Sprite Registrar
Kemp 1
Kemp 2
Kemp 3
Kemp 5
Probably the 1st 'streamliner' later reg'd DAC 952C being readied for its first road test.
A streamliner under construction - another and a floor pan just visible
In this shot the wooden
buck is visible in the background
The 1964 car, 770KNX, at the Cape Works, and 2 new
axles for assembly
AN APOLOGY: I inadvertently attributed Pete Taylor's photo below to Neil Blaney who supplied another. My apologies.

BREAKING NEWS: Neil Blaney from Australia checked his records and pointed out that Jeff Brenner's streamliner has chassis number HAN8-R-202, not HAN9-R-202. Jeff had another look and has confirmed that, so it is now more possible that his car might have raced at Sebring in 1966 - but the search goes on to see if that really is/was the case. Thanks Neil.

Kemp 6
Kemp 13
Coleman Targa
Camicasca 1
Sebring 1966 - the 2 works Sprites wait for the start.
The Healey workshop, a streamliner under construction and 2 fuel-injected rngines with 5 speed boxes on the floor.
A study by Pete Taylor of the front corner of the last Healey Targa car now owned by Steve Coleman
in Texas, USA
Geoff Healey bends over the bonnet of the No.66 car at Sebring in 1966
[Photo from John Thornley's private collection]
The above 2 photos kindly supplied by Bob Kemp
Courtesy of Neil Blaney
Courtesy of Henry Camisasca

The Puzzle of the Streamliners

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to discover which of the streamlined aluminium bodied Healey 'works' cars raced at which circuit, on what date, with which drivers and with what results. I have been assisted in this by my good friend in the States, Neil Anderson, who has prepared spread-sheets for Sebring, Le Mans and the Targa Florio, the principal races for which the cars were built. I am reasonably satisfied that there were 10 cars in all, though there is an extra chassis unaccounted for: HAN8-R-144. This may be due to that car having been re-built and given a replacement number at a later date. What doesn't help matters is that the Healeys sometimes transferred UK registrations around from one car to another, and we know that HNX 456D appeared on the Healey SR at one point as well as being on a streamliner at Sebring twice and Le Mans three times. It seems unlikely that the same car did 5 events of those lengths and endurance. The puzzle is that at Sebring in 1966 there were two cars and the following year there was only one. One of those at the 1966 event seems to clearly have been HNX 455D which went on to race at Le Mans. That leaves two cars for 2 entries which sounds fine, BUT the car now owned by Jeff Brenner has a late chassis number HAN9-R-202 suggesting that might be the '67 car {No, it's HAN8 - see above] but his car has no rear roof vent which that car clearly had from photographs, unless of course that vent has since been removed. Now both Brenner's car and Joe Armour's car HAN9-R-237 have orange paint beneath the later colours so when did Armour's car race at Sebring ? ~ surely not as early as March '66 with that late chassis number. Either way it is a puzzle we have yet to solve. We are studying all the books and photos we can find and discussing this with those interested in these cars in several continents. No doubt in the end we will come up with an answer. I will keep you posted, and in the meantime if anyone feels they can assist please get in touch. Feedback.
Take a look at my draft web page Works Car Register 1965 to 1969 which may need many changes yet.


Newsletter ~ April 2012

Quarter elliptic bodyshell, ex-USA, in generally solid condition, but has had extensive refurbishment work at some point, and needs further work to the spring-hanger boxes and some other filled areas.  Suitable basis on which to build a Sebring Coupe, the rear shroud having been cut back ready for a Coupe top.  Interested parties should call either Andrew Forster at Archer's on 0121 520 4766 or contact the owner, Mike Tearle, on 07826 841756. Photos to come.

Price - £750 ono. 

Gordon Elwell has pointed out to me a couple of little errors on the website. I had the numbers for the Girling brake and clutch master cylinder kits transposed - they are now corrected, and I had MEG as MEG 144 instead of MEG 199. Thanks.

Neil Anderson has kindly supplied the fascinating Road & Track article shown right:


Superchargers - comment from Alan Anstead

DAC952C article
Sprinzel Liege
Higgs 38Gordon Higgs gave his newly completed Sebring replica its first outing last weekend, 21/22 April, on
the MK Classic Tour.
Shorrock now sold (£530)


hopwood 1
hopwood 24
hopwood 4
WJJ 998 4
Frogeye with Ashley bonnet (or orig steel one) for restoration with log book
and major components
Speedwell GT Replica Kit
with all screens & donor car. From a mould created by the late Keith Hopwood

Midget Hill Climb car with 'works' (tall sidescreen) hardtop

New replica FOR SALE
by Brian Mulcare
(01202) 694240

For any of the above contact Gerri Hopwood on 01925 711888
also see:

Lumbertubs 15
DWS 97
Chaffey 13
has a 1964 floorpan for sale. Needs 2 outer sills and 2 radiator uprights.
Suit Lenham or Sebring kit. C/w chassis plate and log book, reg no: VDX 550.
Now looking for £1100.00
I am currently preparing a new web page listing the 10 (I believe there were a total of 10) cars, with a photo of each, their UK registration (if any), chassis number, the venue(s), where they raced and with which drivers, with what results, who is the current owner and the wherabouts of the car in each case.
Neil Anderson is preparing a spreadsheet and Joe Armour is also assisting me in this complex quest.
If anyone can assist with information or photos we would be extremely grateful.
BTT 92
Gary Lazarus has kindly provided this earlier picture of BTT 92 (left) before its conversion to Sebring spec.
Another photo of Jeff Brenner's Sebring streamliner courtesy of Neil Blaney
Brenner Sebring
I must apologise for this website having been off-line for 36 hours on Wednesday 11th/Thursday 12th due to a web hosting problem. Thank you for your patience.It should now be back in full operation. Martin.
Brenner Sebring
blayden 3
casson replica
p slangen 7
Youles Midget 2
Youles Midget 1
Another amazing project from Mike Youles ~
a Midget Fastback with a boot-lid.
They get betterer and betterer!!
See more photos on Flickr
Anyone remember a
Mike Jarvis who rallied a Sprite 32 PPD ?


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Newsletter ~ March 2012

Tony Giordano has FOR SALE: a pair of Armstrong Adjustable Shock Absorbers at US$800 and a welded 4.875 diff at US$550.
Contact him by email, or cellphone 001-203-904-3244 in USA
Joe Armour has added a paragraph to his page about Ian Polley and HNX 456D
Can anyone help Anne de Legh with history of her Sebring 32 PPD ? Feedback
Rob Gordon 25
Ron Gordon reports that he is making good progress on his restoration of what is believed
to be the car Stirling Moss
raced at Sebring in 1960.
See new photos and info on
the Rob Gordon page
Lumbertubs 14
Paul Slangen 4
Newly painted Lumbertubs will be racing at Castle Combe with HRDC on 9th Apr
Paul Slangen is building a new replica in the Netherlands. Full page shortly
Works Hardtop

Jor Armours car
A day with Joe Armour
at his home in NSW Australia
with his Sebring/Le Mans
car, HNX 456D

After 35 years running the MGCC Sprite Midget challenge Larry Quinn has recently stepped down. Now a new series combining classes from the Austin-Healey Club series and that of the MGCC is to be run for 2012 - see poster right
Midget racing 2012
Works Hardtop for sale on ebay ...failed to meet reserve so now being offered with a Sprite Mark 2 racer at £1500. Also a Frogeye with Ashley front
ppty of late Keith Hopwood
reveals that there were in fact 2 Healey Prototypes
competing at Sebring in 1964 - 770 KNX and 776 KNX
Reid Trummel, editor of Healey Marque in the USA
has kindly sent me a preview of his April issue (left) in which
Baird Foster reveals the unfolding story of 776 KNX.
All of which turns my entry for 770 KNX, which went on to race at Le Mans, on its head ~ and where is that car now? Click here for this fascinating article.

Healey Marque
Cover of the April 2012 issue
BTT 92

Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird drew my attention to this car, BTT 92, now
believed to be in Japan. Is it an Archers replica, as it's not one I know of? Thanks J W-B.

Kaneki Rep
The answer to the question came quickly from Andrew Forster at Archers Garage. A kit originally sold to Howard Hayes in the USA was built up by Ecosse cars and is now owned by Kaneki in Japan.
Anyone know this car?
Hear it is again!
Armstrong Adjustable
FEY cockpit
Oz BBQ 1
Oz BBQ 2
A left hand Armstrong Adjustable shocker on ebay
(9 days to go)
(Thanks to Pierre Lequeux)
Ron Corry has kindly sent me some photos of FEY 678, Alex Postan's rally Sprite, taken at Gaydon in 2008. See "Your Comments" & FEY 678
During our recent stay in Australia Paul & Gillian Orton kindly put on a barbecue in our honour to which all the SCCA members were invited. There we met Bob Blayden & Neil Blaney, both currently building Sebring Replicas. I gave a brief talk with photos on "My Life with Sprites". A great day.
Gaydon 60s
Bob Rees kindly sent in this photo (left) taken about 1968 when Gaydon was an RAF airfield used for "lap dashes on the perry track". The cars appear to be the DHMC works cars 4 HAC and EAC 90C
Speedwell Rev Ctr
Speedwell Rev Counter now on ebay (4½ days to go) As fitted to Sprinzel Sebring Coupés (Thanks Jonathan W-B)
Richard Rooks beautiful Speedwell GT ~
I will be preparing a web
page with photos and
its history very shortly.
At Gaydon in the 60s
Higgs 36
Mike Curtis
Dave Matthews sent in this 1962 photo from Tasmania, the hardtop identified by Ray English as by J & S of Sydney (Australia).
ebay project
Modified Motoring
Healey Marque
KNX article
Mighty Sprite
A rare copy of John Sprinzel's fascinating book
'Modified Motoring'
can be yours for £45 incl recorded delivery and a Frogeye postcard auto-graphed by Sprinzel himself.
No dealers.
The last 2 'Works' Sprites are now owned by Steve Coleman in the States. DHMC never raced them due to BMC cancelling their contract. Steve and Reid Trummel (Healey Marque's) editor have now given permission for me to reproduce the article.

Neil Anderson, my regular contributor from Illinois, USA has sent me this article about Donald Healey's Sebring/LeMans car - 770 KNX
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

This article from Motor Trend in June 1960 tells the story of the Falcon Sprite in glowing terms. Thanks again to Neil for providing a copy.
Pge 1 Pge 2 Pge 3
Pge 4 Pge 5


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Newsletter ~ February 2012

I have just returned to the UK after a month's holiday in Australia. I had the pleasure of giving a talk to members of the Sprite Car Club of Australia, and also met up with Joe Armour, owner of one of the ex-Works Le Mans Sprites of 1967. My reports on these and many other matters will follow in the next few days as soon as I have worked through a month's emails, etc. Best regards, Martin

Paul Wiles has reduced the price of his donor car plus Archers panels to £6,250 and has a new phone number.
See For Sale page
Speedwell Door Handles

Neil Anderson mentioned to me that these handles are for sale (left) on ebay, but there is now only a couple of days to go so LOOK SHARP! Expires Mon, 27 Feb

Ebay Lenham
David Scothorn told me of this Lenham GT, also up for grabs on Ebay, currently at £450 - expires 4th March
No. is 230753050023


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Newsletter ~ January 2012


I am off on a little holiday so see you all soon.

While offering his replica for sale Stephen Bowen has received several enquiries about his genuine original
Ex-Ian Walker Sebring WJB 707 and is now considering a possible sale. Of the 4 surviving Sprinzel cars this is the most original with the W & P bodywork remaining intact. Serious enquiries can be directed to him by email

Chaffey shell
Steve's Rep & WJB
PrideClark hardtop
Not a "Dan Dare" style but is this (left) a Pride & Clark top? Daniel Paul is keen to know. Feedback
Gary Lazarus suggests the hardtop (far left) may be the same as this, left, by Clifford Engineering of Willesden
Yell 8
Dick Waller
HARVEY WOODS and his father Eddie, have acquired Dick Waller's Sebring Rep (left) and have plans for Harvey to race it in the HRDC series, later this year. He has raced Sprites and an Ashley-topped Midget over the last 5 seasons.
Minilite wheel

Dick Waller's Sebring Rep WGJ 931 recently offered in Mascot for £18,000 (now sold)

Wheels wanted
by Tony Giordino
in the USA

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